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Pain and different types of body aches are common among people of different ages. Public health issues pain in body is an indicator of a possible damage to your nervous system. This happens so that your body gets an alert to take any precaution or treatment to cure the damage. This signal travels from area of damage to your brain through the spinal cord.

However chronic pain is different from a sudden pain that you might feel in your body. Such pain is caused due to some injury that exists in your body from before. Chronic pain is thus a sign of existing nerve damage. When this damage exists for long the pain becomes more intense and unbearable. In some cases such chronic pain cannot be treated even after treating the existing nerve damage.

But it has also been observed that an existing injury is not the only reason for chronic pain. Chronic pain can also be without any nerve damage in your body. There can be a number of such reasons which is associated with some form of existing health disorder. Some of these health conditions could be fibromyalgia, interstitial cystitis, chronic fatigue syndrome, inflammatory bowel disease, vulvodynia, endometriosis and temporomandibular joint dysfunction, otherwise called TMJ. 

What are Sleep Disorders?

Sleep is very important to a person’s well being. A well rested mind and body is important for proper functioning of human body. However, these days a lot of people face different kinds sleep disorders. These disorders are also otherwise known as sleep- wake problems. People with sleep disorders face difficulties with the amount of sleep they get, the quality of their sleep and the number of hours they can sleep properly. These sleep disorders include problems like sleep walking, insomnia, parasomnias and in some cases narcolepsy.

Due to lack of proper sleep people also face problems with their day to day life. It causes mental health problems like anxiety, depression and mental disorders. It also affects physical well being by causing cognitive disorders. If people with existing mental health problems develop sleeping disorders, it exaggerated their mental health issues. Sleep disorders affect the emotional stability of a person as well. Insomnia is being increasingly prevalent among people to the extent that every one out of three adult is reported to be having the disease.

Sleep disorders develop mostly due to unhealthy lifestyle choices. People these days lead a sedentary life with minimal physical exercise and unhealthy food preferences. This contributes to lack of proper of sleep. In some cases sleeping disorders may also be a sign of chronic health conditions such as diabetes, heart diseases or Parkinson’s disease.  

Panic Disorder in Adults 

Panic attack is similar to an episode of rage or fear. It is caused by intense fear which gets translated into physical reactions among adults. A panic attack may be caused even without any immediate danger or apparent threat. A panic attack can be very scary for the person suffering from such attack and even people near the victim. Panic attacks can be really distressing to the extent of a feeling similar to having a heart attack.

Public health issues a lot of people are lucky enough to have faced this only a couple of times in their whole life, a lot of people face a chronic panic attack problem. For a lot of people a panic attack happens due to a stressful situation and then when the stress goes away, their panic attack also ends. But when panic attacks persist for long durations with repeated episodes every now and then, it is no longer a panic attack, it becomes a disease called panic disorder.

Panic attacks can lead to deterioration of mental health and emotional well-being. However, this problem is completely curable. A treatment is also necessary because you never know when you will get such an attack. While a panic attack causes chronic pain in itself is not life-threatening, but imagine having such an attack while driving a car on a busy road. Such a situation can easily lead to grave injuries or even death.

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