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Diabetic Food List: Six Food Groups in Diabetes Food Pyramid

Diabetic Food List in Diabetes Food Pyramid

Diabetes is the condition in which the body is not able to convert sugar into energy. Moreover, the carbs that are consumed by the body gets converted to sugar but the same conversion further is not possible. Thus, the person suffers from the problem of high sugar and low energy. They will have to take tablet or injections to insert the insulin that helps them in converting the sugar intake. Diabetes Food Pyramid However, the choice of food is very important and they need to take food based on the food pyramid, you can follow this Diabetic Food List for Healthy Body.

Food Pyramid Level 1 – Starches

The lowest level include starches which are available from whole grain and potatoes. Taking food from this group will increase the levels of vitamins, minerals and carbs.

Level 2 – Vegetables

Fresh vegetables have always been a greater source of vitamins and minerals. Having raw vegetables is always advisable and if not possible than the person can try having them grilled or boiled.

Level 3 – Fruits

The problem with fruits is their juice. People often opt for juice instead of fruit which contains sugar that harms the body. So, it is advisable to consume raw fruits without any additives to gain the maximum output in terms of fibers.

Level 4 – Milk and Milk Products

Milk is a source of protein and calcium along with carbs but it can also impart fat. So, if it is important to consume milk that is low fat or the cream will harm your body and hinder the sugar conversions.

Level 5 – Meat

Meat contains a lot of fat and the best way would be consume the meat that has low fat. The regular meat categories that the person can consume are seafood, poultry, lamb, beef and even some nuts. These products will help in reducing the ruins that are caused by high sugar but it would be effective only if it is low fat.

Level 6 – Sweets

Sweets are the worst enemies of the diabetics. They need to consume sweet to maintain their sugar levels but not heighten them to a higher level. However, baked and other fat or salted snacks can also harm the body which can increase the sugar level.

So, the diabetics just have to make sure that they do not consume something that increases their sugar level drastically. Diabetes Food Pyramid, they can opt for the level 1 to 3 food groups that will impart a huge amount of benefits for them.

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